JICA Training Course on “Public Policy and Regulatory Framework on Sewerage and Sanitation” conducted by JECES

A JICA training course on “Public Policy and Regulatory Framework on Sewerage and Sanitation”, prepared for the personnel of Malaysia’s National Water Services Commission (SPAN), was conducted by the Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation (JECES) – a member organization of the Japan Sanitation Consortium (JSC) – from 16 January to 10 February 2017. This course was based at the JICA Tokyo International Center in Tokyo, Japan.

Above: Courtesy visit at MOE

This training course, solicited by SPAN, was part of a three-year project called “Johkasou Introduction Project for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Improvement in Malaysia” supported by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan and carried out by three organizations: the Japan Education Center of Environment Sanitation (JECES), Daiki Axis Co., Ltd., and Kyokuto Giko Consultant Co., Ltd.

Above: Courtesy visit at MLIT

The goal of this training course was to enhance the knowledge of SPAN personnel on policy-making and planning/management related to wastewater treatment and sanitation through lectures, site visits and discussions on the policy adopted in each country, the reasons behind it and the way forward. It is expected that the trainees will share and utilize the new acquired knowledge and experience with their colleagues following their return in their home country.

Above: Lecture at JECES

During the course, the trainees learned extensively on “administration, regulation, policy and education related to wastewater management in Japan”, “technology, operation/maintenance and management system of sewerage system in Japan”, “on-site treatment (Johkasou) and sludge treatment, operation/maintenance and management system in Japan” and “financial administration and public awareness in wastewater treatment”. In addition, the trainees visited facilities and agencies related to domestic wastewater treatment in Japan.

Above: Site visit at a wastewater treatment plant

The trainees showed strong interest in this training course, especially in the lectures focusing on the planning and financial administration of wastewater treatment.

Above: Visit to the National Institute for Environmental Studies

This training course carried out by JECES was conducted with the support of JSC’s member organizations, municipalities and related organizations, as well as the main ministries in charge of wastewater management in Japan; namely, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).

Above: Courtesy visit to JECES

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