JS provides support for Kumamoto Earthquakes

On 14 April at 21:26 (JST), a massive earthquake occurred in the Kumamoto area of Kyushu, followed by consecutive shocks including the most powerful earthquake of 7.3-magnitude.

Urgently, the Japan Sewage Works Agency (also called JS; one of the five member organizations of the Japan Sanitation Consortium) formed the disaster headquarters under JS’ President Yato to provide support for the Kumamoto area.

JS has continued to dispatch support teams consisting of civil, construction, mechanical, and electric engineers every day since the early morning hours of April 15th. The support teams are working in the municipalities of the Kumamoto area, investigating wastewater facilities and equipment, and verifying the condition of wastewater treatment.

Although some wastewater treatment plants are partially damaged at their wastewater or sludge treatment facilities, they still deliver stable treatment performance at the present time.

JS will keep supporting the activities for the recovery of wastewater facilities.

You can find more information about the support of JS for Kumamoto earthquakes here.

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